With over forty years of practical experience on projects of significant scope and complexity it is my goal to provide Owners, Architects, Contractors and Construction Managers with the benefits of my technical expertise on the organization, execution and coordination of contract documents. I am particularly knowledgeable about and sympathetic to building code requirements for health/safety/welfare as well as handicapped accessibility and energy conservation; I have taught courses at the college level in Building Codes/Fire Safety Design and on Material and Methods. I have extensive experience on the detailing of exterior wall and roof assemblies and how they interface with each other. In addition I have many professional contacts that can provide additional support if necessary. I have many years of experience in technical quality control and the comprehensive checking and coordination of contract drawings and specifications. Finally I have mentored and would like to continue mentoring younger, less experienced and less confident architects on the essentials of building code requirements and the finer points of producing a clear, comprehensive and consistent set of contract documents. No project should be considered too large or complex; I believe I have the experience, the resources and the necessary contacts to professionally address almost any technical issue.

With over forty years of practical experience on projects large and small it is my goal to provide home owners and small commercial and institutional clients with the benefits of my experience and my professional expertise. I am particularly interested in the restoration and/or preservation of older homes and smaller buildings of historic merit. I am also interested in the interior modernization of older structures in a manner that is consistent with contemporary design and current standards but executed with understanding and skill in a way that is not destructive but complementary to the existing architecture.

We are a husband and wife architectural practice; collectively we have over 85 years of experience on projects large and small. We were classmates at Case Western Reserve University and graduated in 1968. We moved to the Boston area in 1970 and in 1976 purchased our 160+ year old home in Auburndale; a home designed by architect Charles Edward Parker who also designed the United Parish of Auburndale nearby.

From 1970 to 2009 we worked primarily for medium to large architectural firms as job captains, project architects, project managers and construction administrators on projects ranging in construction cost from under $1,000,000 to over $100,000,000. Many of the firms we have worked for or have been associated with are internationally recognized in the architectural community including the following:

In our free time over the years we have also designed many residential and small commercial projects on our own. These include everything from kitchen and bathroom remodelings to additions for family rooms, mud rooms and in-law apartments. We have also done interiors for retail shops and worked with a local college to bring older buildings in compliance with current handicapped accessibility standards.